What size is an A5?

A5 is the most-used size for flyers and folders. An A5 has a width of 14,85 cm and a height of 21 cm, the same size as a folded A4. This size makes A5 very suitable to hand out: not too large, but still large enough to include a good amount of information.

A5 size in millimeters, centimeters en inches

Below you find an overview of A5 size in three different units of measurement.

Paper size


A5 paper

148 x 210 mm 14,8 x 21,0 cm5,8 x 8,3 inch

A5 size in pixels

Below you find an overview of A5 size is pixels at three different resolutions. The resolution is expressed as ppi: pixels per inch.


300 ppi100 ppi72 ppi

A5 paper

2480 x 1748 pixels827 x 583 pixels595 x 420 pixels

A5 compared to other sizes

All paper sizes in the A-series have a length-width ratio of √2:1. The best way to explain this was already mentioned briefly in the first part of this page: an A5 has the same size as a folded A4, and is double the size of an A6.

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Uses for the A5 size

Flyer, flyers, and more flyers. A5 is by far the most popular size for this type of product. But also cards, books, and small posters can be printed in this practical size.

Paper types for A5 size

A5 flyers are printed on many different paper types. Cheaper flyers that are needed in large quantities are generally ordered on 80, 90, or 100 grams paper. Flyers that are sent out by a webshop or handed out in a store might require a bit more fancy appearance. These types of A5 flyers are therefore often ordered on 170 grams glossy or firm 250 or 300 grams paper. One of our luxury paper types such as Old Dutch is also very suitable for A5 size cards.

An A5 book on different paper types

An A5-size book is practical when the user needs to carry it around during the day. Depending on the number of pages you can choose our standard or firm paper. For the cover of the A5 book you can choose a heavier paper type.

Paper weights

Paper weights are expressed in grams/m2. A0 size is equal to one square meter, so an A0 sheet of 100 grams paper weighs 100 grams. As we know how the different sizes in the A-series relate to each other, it is easy to calculate the weight of one A5 sheet for our different paper types. To make it easy, you can find a table below with the weights for different A5 sheets.

Paper type

Weight of an A5 sheet

80 grams standard

2,50 gram

90 grams roman

2,81 gram

100 grams firm

3,13 gram

160 grams extra firm

5,00 gram

170 grams glossy

5,31 gram

190 grams satin

5,94 gram

250 grams very firm

7,81 gram

300 grams natural card

9,38 gram

350 grams card

10,94 gram

Overview of all A-sizes