Roll banner printing

Do you want to stand out with your company or products? Then order your own roll banner! With a roll banner you can easily and quickly stand out at a fair, on the street (roll banners are waterresistant!) or promote a product in a store. Due to the sleek finish, your product always looks neat.

Choose from 2 different types of cassettes: standard or premium. This way you always get the desired result!

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Advantages of a roll banner

Roller banners have several advantages, here are a few examples:

  • It is strong and sleek promotional material

  • There is a choice of 2 different types: standard and premium, so you always have the roll banner that suits you

  • It is a complete system: you can easily place the fabric in the cassette

  • Comes with practical carrying case

Producing roll banners borderless

The banners are delivered in the size 84.1x200 cm. By default we produce the banners borderless for the best result. Please note, if you provide white borders in your file, they will remain visible. The roll banners are printed on strong polyester. The polyester is colourfast and water resistant, so you can also use the banner outside!

Delivery of roll banners

Roll banners are delivered within two business days by default. This way you can be sure that your banner is always delivered on time. Do you need it more last minute? Order the roll banner urgently before 13:00h. You can then pick up the roll banner the same day at our location or you will receive it the next day by post!

Satisfied customers has produced 120 of rolbanners!