Print your 21x30 photos

Do you want to print that beautiful picture with friends, family, or your partner at a slightly bigger size? At Print&Bind we can print your photos in the size 21x30 cm. This size is a bit bigger than standard photos sizes, as it is almost the same size as A4 (21x29,7 cm). Your photos will look great in this size, whether you put them on your desk or on the wall.

We print 21x30 photos in high quality. Do make sure that the file you upload has the right resolution. You can easily and quickly upload multiple photos at the same time. Within one (urgent order) or two (standard order) business days you will have your 21x30 photos in your hands!

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High-quality 21x30 prints of your photos

We maintain high-quality printers, for example by calibrating the colors at fixed times. The laser printers we use will print your photos very sharply. To get the best results for your 21x30 photo we advise you to upload a file with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

Tip: Add a coating layer to your photos for an extra glossy look!

Quick delivery of your 21x30 photos

Are you ordering your 21x30 photos today? Then they'll be delivered to you within two business days when you place a standard order. Your order can even be delivered within only one business day or picked up the same day in Amsterdam when you choose the urgent order option. For more options and information you can check our different delivery methods!

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