Punched prints

Do you want to have your prints punched? At Printenbind.nl this can be done quickly and cheaply! Punched pages are especially useful in a binder or ring binder. We can also deliver those! You simply order this in the online order form.

Already prepared your document? Order your geponst binnenwerk directly.

Cheap punched prints with 2 or 4 holes

Like all our products, our punched printing is of high quality at a low price. Decide for yourself how you want to print and punch your own design:

  • Have your printed loose pages punched with 2 holes or 4 holes (see images). This standard size is A4.
  • Choose from our paper types: 80, 100 or 160 grams.
  • Order a binder or ring binder? Or bind Wire-O? Read on below.
Order punched prints online
Punch your loose pages with 2 or 4 holes
Punched printing for binder or ring binder

Wire-o binded prints online

When you choose Wire-o binding, we also punch your prints so that the metal spiral will fit perfectly. A beautiful silver ring binder ensures that your print work is kept well together. Choose the material for your front and back: transparent or sturdy card paper. Order your Wire-o bound book here.

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  • Afhalen bij Pick-up points weer mogelijk!

    Published on 03 September 2020

    Voor een korte periode was het niet mogelijk om jouw bestelling af te halen bij onze pick-up points. Met een aantal kleine aanpassingen en het opnieuw openen van locaties kun je vanaf vandaag jouw bestelling weer komen ophalen! Met spoed besteld voor 13:00 uur? Dan kun je jouw bestelling dezelfde dag nog afhalen vanaf 18:00!

  • Trustpilot rating 4.8

    Published on 21 July 2020

    7 dagen per week proberen onze medewerkers de mooist mogelijke producten voor jullie te maken, en dit is gelukkig niet onopvallend gebleven..

  • Nieuwe menukaarten!

    Published on 07 July 2020

    Het is mooi weer en de terrassen zijn weer open. Dat vraagt om nieuwe menukaarten! Daarom hebben wij onze menukaart opties uitgebreid.

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  • We use them almost weekly for small and…

    3 days ago by Vivienne

    We use them almost weekly for small and large print requests. Always timely and correct delivery. Very reliable and good price/quality

  • I always order my pos material at…

    3 days ago by Ashlee

    I always order my pos material at printenbind! super fast & great quality

  • this was my first time ordering with printenbind.

    3 days ago by Colturalmente cooking school

    this was my first time ordering with printenbind. The service has been super fast and nice,They have sent me even a picture to see how it came out. Good qualitity product and quick delivery. I'm super goofy with technology but here it is super easy t...

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