Punching your prints


Paper size

Number of punch holes

Paper types

Max. number of pages when not ordering a binder

Max. number of pages you can order with a binder


Specifications punched prints

When ordering your punched prints, there are a few specifications you should keep in mind.


Because punched documents are almost always printed on A4 size paper, our industrial printers only have the ability to punch holes in A4 paper.

Number of pages

Do you already have a binder and only need punched print work? Then you can order as many pages as you want. Do you want to order a binder along with your prints? That's possible too, but in that case, you can order up to 501 pages. If you need to print more pages, you can divide them over multiple binders!

Extra options

We offer six different paper types that can be ordered with punch holes. You can also choose to add separator sheets or to include dividers with your order. If you want a design on the front and spine of your binder, it is also possible to include files for those in the order form. These designs will be printed on extra firm paper and placed behind the plastic cover of the binder. You can also choose between two or four punch holes.

Document ready? Order your punched prints now!