Cutting your prints

For almost every order, we use our cutting machines. These machines allow us to cut paper and prints to the right size with high precision. By cutting your document, we can deliver borderless prints. We print your document on paper that is slightly larger than the final print and cut away the white borders.

Min. size

Max. size

Page number


60mm x 80mm1200mm x 3000mm5/15 mm

Specifications for cutting

When ordering products that need to be cut, there are a few things to consider.


When you have a design that covers the whole page, you need to select the option 'borderless printing' in the order form. We will then print your document on paper that is slightly larger, so we can cut it 'clean' of any white borders. For example, a borderless A4 (297x210mm) is printed on SRA4 (320x225mm) and then cut to A4 size. Designs that are not borderless but are still printed on larger paper are also cut to the right size. For example, an A6 magazine is printed on A4 paper and then cut to A6.


Cutting designs to the right size and cutting away white borders means the cut is placed just a bit into the design. Therefore it is important to take into account a margin in your design. A 5 mm margin is standard, and for books that are bound with the adhesive binding method, a margin of 15 mm must be kept. This means that no text or figures should be placed less than 5/15 mm from the edge of the document, to make sure these will not be cut off. Click here to read more about margins.


Cutting away any white borders from a document can only be done if there is something printed outside of the original size. This means that a borderless design needs bleed so that no white borders remain after cutting. However, it is not a problem if you are unable to submit a document with bleed but still want borderless prints. We then increase the size of your document by 1% during printing. Your prints can then be cut to the original size of the design, without any white borders. Click here to read more about bleed.