Printing a catalog

Make an impression with beautifully printed catalogs and promote your products or business. Printing your catalog online is as cheap as you want it to be: choose the paper type and finishing yourself. That way you can create a luxurious or more simple catalog. Upload the document of your catalog and we will start printing it right away. Within two business days your catalogs wil be ready to distribute to customers. Need your catalogs even faster? Order urgently and we produce your catalogs within one business day.

Already prepared your document? Order your book directly.

Printing catalogs the way you want

You can easily decide the appearance of your catalog, and therefore also the price:

  • Would you like a luxurious look? Opt for a glossy coating on the cover.
  • Rather have a classic look? Choose one of our special paper types for your cover, like Classic.
  • The inside of your catalog can be printed on thin paper, like 80 grams. But, if you want to print a lot of pictures in the catalog, we recommend printing on at least 100 or 160 grams of paper. Otherwise your pictures could shine trough the paper.

Binding your catalog in different ways

The binding of your catalog partly determines the feel of the catalog.

  • Do you have a catalog with not more than 100 pages and would you like to print your catalog like a magazine? Click here.
  • Does your catalog count more than 100 pages and do you want your catalog to be binded like a real book? Choose our adhesive binding method.
  • Catalogs binded with a metal or black spiral are also possible, but are less common.

Delivering your catalogs as fast as possible

Delivering your catalogs on time is one of our highest priorities. After you have placed your catalog order, we will start the production right away. Printing, binding, and cutting it to the right size. We do several document and product checks during the production process, and of course right before we prepare your catologs for shipment.

Delivery takes place within two business days. This is already faster than most online printshops, but on top of that we also offer an urgent order service. This means we can even produce your order within one business day. 

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