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Do you wrap the orders from your webshop with wrapping paper? To finish off your beautifully wrapped orders, you can easily order your own packaging stickers. At low prices, you'll impress your customers even more with our packaging stickers!

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Packaging sticker design

At we offer multiple ways to get your design printed. Do you already have your own document ready? Then you can easily upload this document in our online order form. If you do not have a design ready yet, you can use one of our templates or use our online editor to easily design your packaging stickers.

Want to repeat the order of your packaging stickers?

Creating an account at is easy and quick. Order your stickers with this account once, and the next time ordering these stickers will only require a couple of clicks! This way you can save your valuable time to do more important things than filling out order forms!

Need your packaging stickers urgently?

With our standard delivery times you will receive your stickers within two business days. Are you in a rush and need your stickers delivered within 24 hours? That is possible if you order urgently. If you order before 13.00h pick up your order in Amsterdam the same day, either at our own location from 16.00h or at one of our pick-up points in Amsterdam from 18.00h. Want the stickers sent to your home? In that case, an urgent order will have your stickers delivered to your doorstep the next business day!

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