Do you want to get creative with paper? Do you need a number of individual envelopes? Or do you need a frame for your ordered poster? No problem! Order these products cheaply and quickly as seperate items in your desired quantity! The materials are always unprinted.

Already prepared your document? Order your material directly.

Order envelopes quickly

Did you design a nice card to send but you don't have suitable envelopes yet? Order one of our envelopes! The envelopes are available in 22 different colors and 4 sizes. This way there is always a suitable envelope for your card! If a baby is born, then perhaps choose one of our pastel shades. With our metallic envelopes you immediately make a fantastic impression for all parties! Of course we also have neutral envelopes if you want a quieter theme. We have a matching envelope for every card!

Paper sizes

Do you need paper for a schoolproject, study or work assignment in a specific papersize? No problem! Order easily and cheaply the size you want and receive the paper perfectly cut to your desired size. Order the paper in the sizes A6, A5, A4, and A3. We have the perfect papertypes for every project: cheap, easy and quick!

Photoframe (empty)

Did you print a picture and would you still like a photo frame? No problem! At you can order single photo frames from 1 piece. For example, choose a frame in A5 or A1 format, or one of our other photo frame sizes. The photo frame has a black aluminum frame and a clear machine glass of 2 mm forms the front and protects the image.

Stainless steel spacer

Luxurious stainless steel spacer for indoor and outdoor use. The stainless steel spacer ensures that the wall distance is 15 mm. Because of this, hanging a plate always looks professional and modern. The spacer is suitable for a plate thickness of 2-11mm. You order the spacers per set of 4 pieces including cross-head screws and plugs (so in 1 edition you get 1 bag of 4 spacers). If you order this spacer in the order form of the board, we will drill the holes (25 mm from the edge), if you do not wish to add holes to your panel, you can also order the spacer separately.


With this mounting plate you can quickly and easily hang your board thanks to the self-adhesive system. The mounting plate is suitable for indoor and outdoor use with a maximum load of 3 kg, the plate is 70x70mm. 1 set consists of a mounting plate, 4x30 mm screw, 6x30 mm nylon plug, wall hook, 2x self-adhesive transparent spacers, alcohol swab and instructions. This way you can always easily attach the mounting plate!

Suction spacer

Simple spacer with a suction cup for mounting plates on to smooth surfaces (only for indoor use). Plate thickness may not exceed 8 mm. The suction cup is transparent and has a diameter of 50 mm. You attach the plate to the suction cup with a white plastic knurled nut. You order them per set of 4 pieces (so in 1 edition you get 1 bag of 4 spacers). If you order this spacer in the order form of the board, we will drill the holes (25 mm from the edge), if you do not wish to add holes to your board, you can also order the spacer separately.


With these strips you can easily hang your poster flat against the wall. The strips have a clear top and bottom. At the top there are 1 or 2 eyes, depending on the size, to hang the poster. The poster can then easily be hung by means of a thumbtack or small nail. The strips are made of transparent plastic and therefore do not stand out. They are also reusable.

Velcro rounds

Want to hang a poster without damaging the wall? No problem! Order velcro rounds to hang your posters. Place one part on the wall and one part on your poster and hang them without any nails or pushpins. The velcro rounds have a diameter of 16mm, are white and therefore unremarkable. You'll receive 4x the soft side and 4x the hook side. You can place each round in a corner of the poster. An easy and strong way to hang your posters!

Cardboard easel

Show a board or picture easily with our cardboard bases. The bases are easy to fold and attach via an adhesive strip. The cardboard easels have a folding pattern. This makes them easy to fold and very sturdy. The bases are suitable for products in a A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 size and everything in between.

It is important to order the correct easel format for the best stability. The rule for this is that half of the product must be taken and this is rounded up for the base format. For example, if an A4 board is ordered, you need to order a cardboard easel of 18 cm (297/2 = 148.5, round up).

Namebadge (pin + clip)

A transparent name badge where a 55x85 mm business card can be inserted. Equipped with a pin and clip for easy attachment. The badges can easily be reused. The name badges are supplied in protected foil. Please note, we do not place the name cards in the badges.


Solid packaging to send your order or product is of course very important. That is why you can now also order packaging material! Do you have a small shipment, such as a few cards? Then choose the letterbox envelope, which has a maximum filling height of 35 millimeters. Is your package thicker? Then choose a foldable letterbox box. With this box, the maximum filling height is 92 millimeters and it easily closes with an adhesive strip. Please note that the maximum letterbox height used by PostNL is 32 millimeters.

We can also supply tubes in 3 different sizes. Choose 52, 63 or 85 centimeters. You can close the tubes easily with a matching cap. That way you know for sure that it is always closed properly!

Order your sheets

A craft day at school or at home with your children? Or do you want to bind your own thesis or book in a creative way? Then these finishing sheets are ideal! They can be ordered cheaply in A6, A5, A4 and A3. We understand that you may not need large amounts of sheets. That is why you can easily order a specific number of end sheets. So you can order the sheets cheaply online!

Paper sample book

Would you like to order someting but are you still in doubt about the paper type? Order a sample book with all our paper types fro free! You only pay delivery costs. You can check out all our paper types, postermaterials and stickers. This makes choosing the ideal papertype a lot more easy.

Fast delivery of materials

We deliver the material within two business days by default. We also have an urgent option: ordered urgently before 13:00, delivered next business day! That way you know for sure that it is always delivered on time. Do you live close by and do you prefer to pick up your order? This is also possible. Order urgently and pick it up the same day at 4 p.m. at our location or from 6 pm at one of our pick-up points in Amsterdam has produced 22 of materiaals!
  • Nieuw! Montage materiaal

    Published on 11 July 2019

    Een mooi bord of poster op een kwalitatieve manier ophangen aan de muur? Ook daar hebben we nu verschillende opties voor! Sinds kort is het mogelijk om verschillende montage materialen bij ons te bestellen. De materialen zijn zowel bij een product als los te bestellen.

  • Budget productiesnelheid

    Published on 28 June 2019

    Wil je graag wat bestellen maar heeft dit eigenlijk totaal geen haast en kun je wel wat prijsvoordeel gebruiken? Dan hebben we vanaf nu daar de perfecte oplossing voor: budget productiesnelheid!

  • Prijswijziging

    Published on 06 June 2019

    Voor onze klanten proberen wij altijd de beste en laagste prijs te bieden voor producten. Echter door grote stijgingen in onder andere personeels- en papierkosten zijn wij genoodzaakt de prijzen aan te passen. Voornamelijk bij kleine oplage wordt een prijsverhoging doorgevoerd, grote aantallen zijn juist weer goedkoper. De nieuwe prijzen gaan 6 juni in.

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