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Printed books with a softcover are beautiful and practical at the same time: they are flexible and can be finished with various extra protective layers. Read about the different protective layers below. Softcover printing allows you to order a book with a continious coverdesign, so you even print the spine of your softcover book. This makes it easy to find all your self-designed books in your bookcase. Order today and you will have your printed softcover books at home within one (rush) or two (standard) business days.

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We protect your printed softcover

Sometimes your printed book with a soft cover needs to be extra protected against for example extensive usage. Our material for printed soft covers is already very firm, but we have various options to protect your softcover even more:

  • We finish our standard papertype for soft covers (350 grams card) with a glossy coating by default. This way it is better protected against water, scratching and dirt. For all our other papertyes it is also possible to choose this glossy coating for your softcover.
  • Do you rather want a matte finish? Choose our laminate option with a thickness of 43um. It offers even more protection than a glossy coating. Note that the sides of the softcover will be cut to size which means the sides of the laminated cover are not sealed.

Softcover printing, always quickly delivered

Because we always have all our softcover materials in stock, we can deliver your softcover books within two business days by default and within one business day with our urgent order option. Just specify the order of your book in the order form and we will start printing right away. Decide for yourself where and when you want your softcover books to be delivered.

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    Published on 31 May 2021 by Aiden

    Good quality, the colors came out better than expected. The feel of the paper is really nice and gives the book some strength, some body. And super fast delivery too!

  • Great quality sample book and quick…

    Published on 02 May 2021 by Rebekkah Hitti-Malin

    Great quality sample book and quick postage. Very keen to process an order now!

  • Great print, great prices

    Published on 01 April 2021 by Savannah Fekry

    I recently started my company and wanted to print my logo's and specific books. Print en bind offers a variety of papers that just suits my needs for my company.

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