Nevertear 125um

Nevertear is one of our most special paper types. It is made from a PVC material that has been specially developed to make the paper water-resistant. This means it is also resistant to a variety of liquids, making it the perfect choice for products that are used intensively. As this paper also can't be torn, it will surely last very long.

    Characteristics of Nevertear paper

    Below you can find an overview of the characteristics of Nevertear paper.

    Paper type






    125 um

    yes, but only with a marker

    slightly glossy

    Does not contain chlorine, CFKs or other halogens

    Technical specifications of our Nevertear paper type: Xerox Nevertear premium, bright white polyester, complies with safety norm EN 71-3 (1995), 99% opacity

    What are the finishing options for Nevertear 125 um?

    Nevertear 125um is the perfect paper type for when you need prints that should last long or will be used intensively. Examples of what this paper type could be useful for are books that you will use in the kitchen or in an atelier, or printwork that will be used in spaces with high humidity.

    Nevertear protects

    Because our Nevertear is made from specially developed PVC material, it is the ultimate paper type for prints that (possibly) will come in contact with liquids. Maps, signposts at festivals and cookbooks are some examples of products that are often ordered on this paper.

    The appearance of Nevertear

    Nevertear has a bright white color and a slightly glossy look. This paper type is, therefore, suitable for print work where the color should not be influenced by the color of the paper.

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