Metallic subtle paper

The paper type Metallic subtle has a very unique finishing: a metallic effect that makes the paper glitter from different points of view. This paper type is used mostly to make cards, but it is also a suitable choice for business cards and book covers.

    Characteristics of Metallic subtle paper

    Below you can find an overview of the characteristics of Metallic subtle paper.

    Paper type






    Metallic subtle

    300 grams

    360 um



    FSC Mix credit, EU Ecolabel, ECF certified

    Technical specifications of our Metallic subtle paper: Curious Metallics 300 grams, subtle metallic effect, ISO 9706 (resistant against aging), print is waterproof, 98% opacity

    Finishing options for Metallic subtle paper

    Metallic subtle can be used for different finishing options and products, such as business cards, certificates, or book and magazine covers. Whatever type of product this paper is used for, it will give it a unique appearance and will ensure that your documents stand out.

    Metallic subtle as a card

    At Print&Bind we can produce your cards with or without a fold. Metallic subtle is a sturdy paper type that can be creased and folded nicely without breaking the paper. Do you want to make your card extra special? Then you can check our round corners or contour border options.

    The perfect finishing options for metallic subtle paper

    Finishing options

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