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The end of your time at high school is in sight, but first... you will have to submit your school assignment. We make printing and binding your school assignment (PWS) super easy and cheap. Upload the file of your profile assignment and choose how we print it for you. We can bind it like a real book with a continuous cover or with a beautiful silver or black ring binder. You will receive your school assignment within two business days!

Do you have to hand in your profile assignment tomorrow? No problem! Order urgently before 1 pm and you can pick up your school assignment in Amsterdam today or have it delivered the following business day.

Already prepared your document? Order your werkstuk directly.

Cheaply print your school assignment

By printing your profile assignment online, you save a lot of money! You place your order completely online and we will get started immediately with the production. The online ordering process allows us to print and bind your school assignment quickly and efficiently. This is how we keep our prices low. You choose how you want to receive your school assignment, so you can determine the final price of your PWS.

Do you have questions? Don't hesitate to contact our customer service. We are there for you 7 days a week via chat, email and telephone!

Always fast delivery of profile assignments

Are you late with ordering your school assignment? We can urgently print and deliver your PWS within one buisiness day and we are open on Sundays! Order urgently before 1 pm and pick up your order today in Amsterdam (at our location or at one of our pick-up points). Or have your profile assigment delivered to your home the following business day.

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    Published on 09 February 2021

    Vanaf vandaag is het weer mogelijk om je bestelling bij ons af te halen. In ons bestelproces kun je gemakkelijk aangeven in welk tijdslot jij jouw bestelling komt afhalen. Let wel op, onze openingstijden zijn aangepast in verband met de avondklok.

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    Published on 21 December 2020

    Enveloppen nodig voor kaarten? Een leuke verjaardagskaart, uitnodiging of kerstkaart verdient een leuke kaart en met maar liefst 22 verschillende kleuren was een keuze maken soms nog best moeilijk. Maar nu niet meer!

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  • Prima printjes en pick-up point is gelukkig dichtbij.

    7 days ago by dekker

    Prima printjes en pick-up point is gelukkig dichtbij. Enige wat lastig is, is om te checken of aantal correct is omdat de stickers over verschillende maten vellen verdeeld zijn.

  • Very pleased with this service

    8 days ago by Emma KL

    I am very pleased with the quality of their printing. They also provide a lot of clear communication about when your order will arrive.

  • Excellent

    9 days ago by Giannis Nikiforou

    The service was great. On time and good quality.

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