What size is A6?

The A6 size is the compact "pocket-size". An A6 sheet has a width of 10,5 cm and a height of 14,8 cm. This size is very practical: large enough to include some information, and small enough to easily put away in your pocket.

A6 size in millimeters, centimeters en inches

Below you can find an overview of the A6 size in three different units of measurement.

Paper size


A6 paper

105 x 148 mm10,5 x 14,8 cm4,1 x 5,8 inch

A6 size in pixels

Below you can find an overview of A6 size in pixels at three different resolutions. The resolution is expressed as ppi: pixels per inch.


300 ppi100 ppi72 ppi

A6 paper

1748 x 1240 pixels583 x 413 pixels420 x 298 pixels

A6 compared to other size

An A6 is a quarter of an A4, the very common paper size that is generally used in home printers. All paper sizes in the A-series have a length-width ratio of √2:1. In other words, every size in this series is half the size of the size above it: when you fold an A4 down the middle, you get an A5. Fold that A5 again, and you get A6!

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Uses for an A6 size print

The most popular products for which we often A6 are:

  • Flyers

  • Cards

  • Small books

  • Photos

For many of our products, it is also possible to order a custom size!

Paper types for A6 prints

Do you want to print A6 size flyers? Then our 100 grams Firm or 160 grams Extra Firm paper could be sturdy enough. Do you want a more luxurious or glossy flyer? Then our 170 grams Glossy or 250 grams Very Firm paper are great options. For a small A6-sized program booklet, our 90 grams Roman paper is a suitable choice for the interior. The low weight of this paper will make sure the book has a handy size. If you want to print some A6 cards, you can also choose one of our luxury paper types such as Metallic Subtle, Old Dutch or Linen.

Paper weights of an A6 sheet

The weight of paper is expressed in grams per square meter. Above, you already read descriptions of paper using its weight, such as 170 grams glossy. This means that an A0 sheet (which has a size equal to one square meter) weighs 170 grams. As we know how the different sizes in the A-series relate to each other, we can easily calculate the weight for different paper types. Below you can find a table with these weights for our different paper types.

Paper types

Weight of an A6 sheet

80 grams standard

1,25 gram
90 grams roman biotop1,41 gram

100 grams firm

1,56 gram

160 grams extra firm

2,50 gram

170 grams glossy

2,66 gram

190 grams satin

2,97 gram

250 grams very firm

3,91 gram

300 grams natural card

4,69 gram

350 grams card

5,47 gram

The available paper types can vary between products. Additionally, we also offer some luxury paper types.

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