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What size is an A3?

The A3 paper size has many applications. An A3 sheet has a width of 29,7 centimeters and a height of 42 centimeters. This size is very suitable for printing small posters, but also for menus. When folded down the middle, an A3 sheet has the same size as an unfolded A4.

A3 size in millimeters, centimeters en inches

Below you can find an overview of the A3 size in three different units of measurement.

Paper size


A3 paper

297 x 420 mm29,7 x 42,0 cm11,7 x 16,5 inch

A3 size in pixels

Below you can find an overview of the A3 size in pixels for three different resolutions. The resolution is expressed in ppi: pixels per inch.


300 ppi100 ppi72 ppi

A3 paper

4961 x 3508 pixels1654 x 1169 pixels1191 x 842 pixels

A3 compared to other paper sizes

A3 is a relatively well-known paper size. When the standard A4 size does not offer enough space, A3 is often a suitable alternative. Every size in the A-series has a lenght-width ratio of √2:1. Two A3 sheets have the same size as an A2, and when you fold an A3 down the middle you get the size of an A4.

Uses for A3 prints

A3 is an often-used paper size with a wide range of applications. Besides posters, A3 is often used for large brochures or portfolios. You can also order prints on loose A3 sheets, which for example can be useful for presenting schedules.

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Paper types for A3 size

An A3 sheet for presenting a schedule is often ordered on a standard or (slightly) firm paper type that is easy to write on. These include our 80, 90, 100, and 160 grams paper types. A portfolio or other presentation on A3 that includes many images will look better on our 170 grams glossy paper, or perhaps one of our special paper types.

Paper weights for A3 sheets

The weight of paper is expressed in grams per square meter. So when we speak of 100 grams paper, this means that one square meter (the size of an A0 sheet) weighs 100 grams. Below you can find a table with the weight of one A3 sheet for the different paper types we offer.

Paper type

Weight of an A3 sheet

80 grams standard

10,00 gram
90 grams roman biotop11,25 gram

100 grams firm

12,50 gram

160 grams extra firm

20,00 gram

170 grams glossy

21,25 gram

190 grams satin

23,75 gram

250 grams very firm

31,25 gram

300 grams natural card

37,50 gram

350 grams card

43,75 gram

The available paper types can differ between products. Additionally, we also offer some special paper types.

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