Minder stress en meer vrije tijd?

5 websites you should know as a student

A week full of exams that is followed by many deadlines? We know very well how tough life as a student can be. These 5 websites can hopefully help reduce your stress a bit.

1. Surfspot

Surfspot is a website where you can get a discount on many things that are useful for education, such as electronics, software, hardware, and E-learning. With the student discount from Surfspot you can get a good deal all year long, so you'll know for sure that you are never paying too much. You can log in using the account from your school, and then immediately benefit from the offered discounts. Do you enjoy designing? Then you can buy Adobe Creative Cloud with a 130 euros discount.


2. Scribbr

Have you written an essay or thesis for which you got a lot of information from the internet? Scribbr is a website that checks the text for plagiarism. By using Scribbr, you can be sure that you are handing in a text that is original, and it also offers an easy way to make a reference list in the APA style. This can save you a lot of time for other activities!Scribbr-Plagiaat-en-APA-controle

3. Deepl

Do you have a text that you need to translate or write in another language? Avoid ending up with weird sentences that you can get from using Google translate by using Deepl. Deepl is known as one of the best translation services. Their neural networks can recognize even the finest nuances and translate them properly.


4. Instagrok

The website 'Instagrok’ aims to make learning more fun and efficient. They can help you write text on certain subjects. You can type in the subject in the search bar, and all types of information about that specific subject will be listed. This can save you hours looking around on the internet for information. Another advantage: Instagrok is free for students!


5. Canva

If you like designing, but don't want to spend a large amount of money on expensive apps such as Adobe, Canva is a perfect choice. They have both a website and an app that you can use to make different types of designs such as flyers, logos, and posters. Additionally, the program offers templates for social media which you can use to make posts for Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube. If you are new to design and want to practice a bit first, opt for the free version of Canva. If you are more experienced and want to use all that Canva has to offer, there is a paid version available. Although this might seem expensive at 109,99 euros for a year, you can share this account with five other people. Then you'll only pay 21,99 for a year of 1,83 for a month!